While doing an archeological dig at a site in College Park, a team of researchers came across a series of cryptic documents stuffed into an old diaper bag.

Not knowing of the nature of the find, we took the fragments back to the lab, and analyzed them. Carbon 14 dating put them somewhere between 1988 and 1993. They seemed to be documents relating to Generation-X references, and included many references to Star Trek, Zombies, Rod Serling, prunes, dead parrots, D&D, sci-fi conventions, and Jack Webb.

The documents were badly decayed, and we spent many hours painstakingly trying to piece them together, but we found that no matter how we assembled them, they never made any sense. Even the documents that were in one piece, and we had the read the correct order as presented, they still eluded our understanding.

So, in the mind frame of cluster computing, we decided to present random phrases from these documents in hopes that they would make sense to someone. Thee are two ways to view these:

These are truly random selections from all the documents found. It is our hope that we may discover the nature of these documents.